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Day 5: Wed. Oct. 5th

Always good to start the day off with a hearty breakfast before biking to meetings.

The only delta between Beija’s breakfast and  mine?  One less egg.  You go little go girl!

Beija getting a start on her 2 egg breakfast

Just back from a meeting with Undriving's founder.


Day 4: Tues. Oct. 4th

Took a short break from Undrive-a-thon logistics to stroll around the neighborhood with my girl.  Beija is turning into quite the walker AND has empathy for those who would rather ride.  Kitty cat is relaxing in the mini stroller, with water onboard of course.  Beija’s Undriving motto:  hydrate!











Day 3:  Mon. Oct. 3rd

Day number three and first full day without Mike at home.  We miss you sweetie!











Day 2:  Sun. Oct. 2nd

Our attempt at a Second Annual October car-fast was slightly derailed by some unexpected and very last minute work travel for Mike.  But leave it to my man to show his commitment by biking to Shilshole (see Day 1) , and then biking back to the house in just enough time to catch the 28 downtown, to transfer to Light Rail, in order to get to… the airport in time for a flight to California.

On the plus side, all this jet fuel is getting used for something that in my mind is a whole lot better than say, flying across the country for a 2 hour meeting.  He’s attending a week-long development intensive, along with 20 or so of his colleagues that he doesn’t see that often, expect over Skype, because he works remotely from home full-time.

We plan on posting some plane travel discussion topics later in the month, but for now, check out my husband as he boards the 28.



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