Lab Notes from Undriving Experiments

May 11, 2011 by  
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How’s it going with Undriving? Remember, your pledge is an experiment – to try reducing your car use, or doing something to reduce car use on the planet – and see what happens.  As with any experiment, we don’t know the outcome ahead of time.  It might lead to a new transportation pattern, and/or we might discover some surprising benefits – or, it might go in a completely different direction!  The tales of two bus-riding Undrivers are examples of this.

One Undriver pledged to try taking the bus to work.  After the first week, she wrote to say she loves it – that she thanks the bus driver every day for taking her to work!  A week later, she shared that she has found a new sense of community with a wonderful batch of neighbors who all take the same bus in the morning.  Plus she saves money on parking and has less stress.  Successful experiment – new transportation habit, with bonus discoveries.  Yes!

Another Undriver pledged to try taking the bus from Phinney Ridge to a work site in Renton.  This turned out to be rather time-consuming (three buses!), and so she reverted to driving after a few tries.  Failed experiment?  As it turned out, when she got back in her car, she found herself feeling so guilty driving alone all that way, that she completed that work gig and replaced it with one closer to home!  Now she is much happier with her commute.

Undriving is about opening up to new possibilities and trying them on for size.  What are YOU discovering from your Undriving experiments?  We love to hear from you!  Share your Undriving stories, adventures, and lab notes here.

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