100 Miles, 100 Days, 100 Legs

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Undriver #3,867:
Colleen Haggerty

Meet Colleen Haggerty: she’s an Undriver from Bellingham, WA, who recently took advantage of our Online Licensing Station to receive her Undriver License.

Colleen has been an amputee for 32 years, and she is currently raising money for the Prosthetic Outreach Foundation, with the goal of funding 100 legs for amputees in developing countries.  To accomplish this, she is walking 100 miles in 100 days; read more about her work and follow her progress here.

Undrivers make the choice not to drive for many different reasons… what’s yours?  Visit us on Facebook to share your story with the rest of the Undriving community.

FLASH: Colleen was featured on KOMO 4 News on May 31st!  Watch it here.

-Luke Lamon, Undriving Program Associate

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